Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America.  Hospitals and clinics often lack enough medical supplies and equipment to provide for the treatment of clubfoot, increasing the number of neglected clubfoot cases. Given the country’s limited resources and a decline in health care spending, miraclefeet’s support goes a long way to help Nicaragua’s children.

In 2011, miraclefeet established a partnership in Nicaragua with Dr. Mario Sequeira Somoza, an experienced Ponseti practitioner and trainer. Dr. Sequeira’s clubfoot clinic was located in the Hospital Materno-Infantil Fernando Velez Paiz, the main referral hospital for children’s orthopedics in Managua. In 2014, this hospital was condemned due to earthquake damage. The clubfoot clinic was moved to Hospital Infantil Manuel de Jesús Rivera “La Mascota”, which is the largest public pediatric hospital in Managua; it continues to be led by Dr. Sequeira, who also serves as the Ponseti champion for the Nicaragua Clubfoot program.

miraclefeet also supports clubfoot clinics at Hospital Escuela Oscar Danilo Rosales Arguello (HEODRA) in León, led by Dr. Felix Balladares and at Hospital Regional Escuela Dr. Ernesto Sequeira Blanco, in Memoriam, led by Dr. Harry Vega Palacios, located in Bluefields on the Atlantic Coast. miraclefeet offers medical supplies, braces, clinic assistants, parent outreach and education, transportation, and helps sponsor medical trainings.

Our work in Nicaragua is possible due the dedication of Rebeca Jimenez Lopez, miraclefeet’s Assistant Program Manager for Nicaragua and the partnership with the Club Rotario de Managua-Tiscapa, which serves as a fiscal sponsor for the project. Clinical partners provide treatment to over 100 low-income children in Nicaragua each year.


miraclefeet continues to look for opportunities to expand its collaboration in Nicaragua to make clubfoot treatment accessible to more families. Although Nicaragua is a relatively small country, roads are limited and travel can be difficult. Our long-term goal is to help establish at least two more strategically located clinics across the country. This year, we will help establish one more clinic and will sponsor at least one medical training. Our goal is to support the treatment of an additional 137 children born with clubfoot in Nicaragua by June 2016.


State Hospital/Clinic Clinic Day Doctor
Bluefields Hospital Regional Escuela Dr. Ernesto Sequeira Blanco, in Memoriam Monday Dr. Harry Vega and Dr. Raul Acuña
León Hospital Escuela Oscar Danilo Rosales Arguello (HEODRA) Wednesday Dr. Felix Balladares
Managua Hospital Infantil Manuel de Jesús Rivera “La Mascota” Tuesday & Thursday Dr. Mario Sequeira Somoza


  • Dr. Mario Sequeira Somoza, Nicaragua Clubfoot Medical Champion Club
  • Rotario Managua-Tiscapa
  • Rebeca Lopez Jimenez, Assistant Program Manager for Nicaragua

Rebeca Lopez
Movistar: 505-8880-2000 (Nicaragua)

Country Statistics
Country_Stats_0000_people Population:
6 million
Country_Stats_0001_pie Poverty Level:
Country_Stats_0002_chart New Clubfoot Cases per Year:
Country_Stats_0003_logo miraclefeet supports:
476 Patients

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