What is miraclefeet?

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miraclefeet is named an Edison Awards Finalist! Our innovative miraclefeet brace will be recognized at the Edison Awards Gala on April 23 in NYC.

The miraclefeet model

Baby Gael, treated for clubfoot.Clubfoot is a problem that can be solved.

miraclefeet provides organizational and financial support so that our partners may fully treat children born with clubfoot in developing countries, all for an average of only $250 per child.

We support local health practitioners who are trained in the Ponseti method, a non-surgical treatment that involves a series of plaster casts. Following casting, a brace is worn at night for several years to prevent relapse.

In 95% of cases, proper treatment results in full correction of the feet.

$250 per child is a small price to pay to transform a child’s life.


Where we work

Since beginning our work, miraclefeet has partnered with over 100 clinics in 13 different countries. Most of these are in public hospitals and serve low-income populations. Many parents attending the clinics are single parents. They often travel hundreds of miles for treatment.

miraclefeet not only helps provide treatment to these children, but also supports the follow-up and education of families going through treatment. Follow-up care is critical to ensure each child’s feet stay healthy!

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