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How  much would you pay to walk?  Over one million children live with untreated clubfoot, and 200,000 new children are born with clubfoot each year.  Your continued support will enable us to support more than 11,000 children in 2015, changing children’s lives by improving access to safe, high-quality clubfoot treatment in developing countries.

The miraclefeet model

By providing organizational and financial support, we enable our partners to fully treat children born with clubfoot in developing countries for an average of Baby Gael, treated for clubfoot.$250 per child, transforming their lives forever. Unlike so many of the world’s problems, this one is solvable – and surprisingly inexpensive. miraclefeet supports local health practitioners who are trained in the Ponseti method, a non-surgical treatment that involves a series of simple, properly applied plaster casts that are changed weekly.

In 95% of cases, this results in full correction of the foot in four to six weeks of casting. Following casting, a brace is worn at night for several years to prevent relapse. $250 per child is a small price to pay to transform a child’s life.

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