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There are about 1 million children living with untreated clubfoot in developing countries. Many of these children will not walk properly. They will not be able to run, play or go to school. It doesn't have to be this way. Using the Ponseti method, clubfoot treatment is simple, highly effective - and inexpensive!

For $250 per child, miraclefeet brings the magic of treatment to developing countries. Every day, children across the world are born with clubfoot. Help us give them the chance to walk.

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Meet Pradeep from India

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Meet Andre from Brazil

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miraclefeet Brace is a Fast Company Innovation by Design Award Finalist

Reflections on the International Clubfoot Symposium

Testing the Brace in South America

Update from the Road to Santiago




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Fast Company Innovation by Design Award Finalist!

One million kids may never walk because of clubfoot. You can change that. Help us bring our innovative, award-winning brace to more kids around the world. Our goal is to raise $21K by October 4th- will you help? . Donate now to the miraclefeet brace campaign.

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Find the many reasons here why miraclefeet is a great organization to donate to here.

Ebola Update from Liberia

Our heart goes out to those dealing with the Ebola virus in West Africa.For updates on our programs there, please click here.


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Clubfoot Brace Recycling

You can send your child's outgrown braces to miraclefeet! We'll find them a new home in one of our partner clinics in Nicaragua. Learn More

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global forum on children with disabilities

In fiscal year 2013, 80% of all expenditures, including in-kind donations, went to supporting and developing clubfoot programs.  Generous donations have funded miraclefeet’s administrative and fundraising costs for several years, so all future donations directly enable us to treat more children around the world. miraclefeet is a registered charity in every state.

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